Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspired to Design


Inspired to Design is the title of my (4 lesson) class that starts this week at Quilt University and I’m looking forward to that first day when I hear from people all over the world!  I think it really does take inspiration to start designing!! I just don’t know how people manage it when faced with a blank wall, a blank canvas, blank sheet music or a blank monitor!!  I don’t think it’s so much that there isn’t a rich internal life going on – whirling thoughts in every direction -  but rather being able to focus them.  That’s what the inspiration does: it enables you to focus on one place, one mood, one panoply of feeling, one idea.   Something that is amorphous and complicated is less compelling than that one simple thing that you’ve seen and want to show others.  This can be abstract, or representational, it really doesn’t matter.

framed allatsea 72dpi

Isn’t that a fabulous view at the top of the page…it’s taken through an open window by the way…I love the sense of distance, the ripple on the waves and the clouds sitting on the horizon.  I tried to distill those ideas down into the small composition on the left.






I got a bit more complicated in the image on the right as I added into the composition the little cluster of cottages  - it was from the window of the one at the back that I took the first photograph.

In my class I talk about different ways you can interpret a picture and arrive at a number of different designs.  I’m on hand to help you (via your monitor!) at all times as you focus, design, cut and stitch.  I try to be the little teacher in the box in the corner of your studio or sewing room that you can get out and consult at any time you want!!

I realised I had so many ideas about the topic of designing quilts based on one’s inspirations that I’m currently working on a book about it; I’ll keep you updated on my progress in the class!! Focus focus focus!  That’s all I need I tell myself! My New Year’s resolution!

See you in class!  And a Happy New Year, here’s to new beginnings!            Elizabeth


Linda B. said...

A book! There's something to look forward to.

Christine Staver said...

I am looking forward to your book.

Frieda Oxenham said...

Hope you'll keep us updated re the book on this blog too. Would not want to miss it!