Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Week at Arrowmont

Teaching workshops is so rewarding when you have motivated, hard working and insightful students as I was lucky enough to have at Arrowmont (Tennessee) this last week.   Here are a few photos, some taken by me and some by Frances Arnold.  Alas a few folk got away before I could get a picture of their work, so regrets to all of them for my tardiness.

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 008 This is the setting for Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg TN, looking south to the Smoky Mountains.fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 028


Gatlinburg at night……wonder if there’s a quilt in here somewhere?!






Setting up for the workshop……

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 009


Rosie gets to work on her piece – note the ladder!!!  She’s using a combination of weavings, arashi and clamped resists.

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 032






Denny’s piece was inspired by DNA, and she had a second one all pinned out, but alas didn’t get a picture!!  As you can see I was running to get this one (hence the blur)!  Great shibori insert in red.

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 034





fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 037



Elaine’s piece inspired by the autumn leaves, wonderful subtle use of her shibori fabrics….

and, below left, Linda’s piece inspired by the ski slopes.  It shows clearly the great value of very soft minimal shibori.  This was done by pre-dyeing only the string.

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 038












Frances’ archway piece….again a very subtle use of shibori.  Shibori fabric is so strongly patterned it can overwhelm a piece and you have to be careful and sensitive about its use.  Great sense of depth in this quilt.





We were all wearing the shibori by the end of the class!!





And finally – the gorgeous fall views coming back south over the Smokies…..

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 051 yes it really was like this!

fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 052


fall 2011 arrowmont and sunflowers 057

Look at all that delicious aerial perspective!!!

This week I’m off to jury Art Quilt Elements and I think this will be a fabulous way to learn the strengths and weakness of art quilts; I’ll report back on my thoughts about the process rather than any specific pieces, I know I am going to learn a lot and there will be a great deal of cogitation!!  After that there are art and craft sales locally in which I’m participating for the first time…I’ll give details as we get nearer the time.  But before all that, I’m off up again to the North Georgia mountains to do some hiking, just too beautiful to miss…maybe I’ll see you there!

If you have been, thanks for reading!    All comments vastly encouraged!    Elizabeth


Sally said...

Sure wish I could have taken the class! And the scenery is just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the Smokie mountains are so beautiful in the Fall