Friday, September 18, 2009

sometimes ah cogitates…

and sometimes ah actually does something!
These last two weeks I’ve been framing up some watercolours for a show at a local Athens (GA) gallery: Aurum on Clayton.  I began  watercolour painting  in order to learn more about such theoretical concepts as composition, and colour theory…but then got seduced by the medium itself.  It’s such a different way of working from quilts.  Although like watercolour, with quilts you do work in stages: background, middle ground, foreground etc…unlike watercolour, where it is close to impossible to move or change anything, with a quilt you can try this, try that, and the other…ad infinitum…well to the limits of one’s patience and fabric stack at least! 
Watercolours are more like acting in a stage play, quilts more like making a film.  In a play you have one shot at the performance and it’s bad or good – but the next day you get another try at it (assuming the play isn’t taken off!).  With a film,  you can cut out the good bits and stitch them together taking scenes that aren’t quite right and so on.
So for me,  watercolour painting has been a great change of pace ……and you do learn about composition and color and all those things.  Plus,  if you don’t get it right, you’ve got another shot the next day.  And there are lots of luscious books and lots of advice available.
So here are a few of my watercolours – I apologize for the photography, I nearly always didn’t remember to take the picture until I’d got the frame and the glass on!
aurm 4 inverie, knoydart aurum 2 lighthouse, Mull aurum 1 iona 1
aurum 5 north beach, ionaaurum 11 rocky shore aurum 8 sky over knoydart 
 aurum 6 marsh aurum 7 sunset over purple mountain aurum 9 across the pond
Most of them are based on studies/photographs from my trip to Scotland in the spring.
I’m also going to show some quilts – I’ve now made 3 based on a local  unused factory:
cement works IMG_1754
I really enjoy giving myself the challenge of doing several pieces based on the same image – that’s something I’ve learned from trying watercolour…have another go at it…see what else you can make of it!
The opening at Aurum Gallery is October 8th, 5.30-8.30 – I know the wine, nibblies and company will be good!!  See you there! 
And, if you have been, thanks for reading.   Elizabeth

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The watercolors are just as beautiful as your quilts.