Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Quilt Class in Winterville, GA: Quilting the Modern Way

I've been teaching painting and helping  to teach aikido (don't panic, I'm not very good!) at a very nice community center in Winterville which is part of Athens, GA. And I've discovered
It's been such a pleasure to teach local classes with people coming back once a week and seeing their progress....so when they asked me to teach a quilting class, I thought it would really be a lot of fun and quite different from the major workshops at the big venues, or faraway guilds where I have taught up to now.
But I don't want to teach traditional quilting.
So I'm calling  the class: Quilting the Modern Way.
all very relaxed!!
No tedious measuring and precisions piecing, which (let's face it!) is often a teeny bit boring!! I want the students to be Bold and Free!  But they could also be quite calm and relaxed...above all have fun.

so these images are some of the possibilities........

I had a revolutionary idea!! instead of issuing a supply list and having people go and buy the wrong stuff, or unnecessary stuff - because the Clerk at JoAnns or Hancocks or wherever said they needed it, I'm going to discuss supplies in the first class.
So to the first class, students would only bring pencil and paper...easy!
then I can show them what they need, and we can talk about what kinds of fabric can be used, and how to beg, borrow and steal it!! well perhaps not "steal" exactly!! but....

And I'll also take in several quilts I've made and discuss just how I put them together and what my thoughts were.

 While most of my quilts have been made with hand dyed fabric...these quilt designs work perfectly well with commercial fabric too.... the quilt on the right has quite a few pieces of commercial fabric in it....
and even better with scraps of cotton clothing, old sheets, tablecloths....etc.

I also plan on printing out some of these pictures...and pinning them up around the room for the first class so students can choose what they would like  to do....

I think that will make for a fun first class!
 This one on the left, had a "cross" shape appliquéd over the top...I won't be teaching appliqué for this first class...but if I get keen students...then maybe we can do more with designs that require appliqué in a follow up class next year.

Quilting the Modern Way is eight classes:
once a week Friday mornings....
here are the dates:

September 20 and 27.  October 4,11,18.
 (I”m out of town on the 25th)
November 1,8,and 15.

It's in the morning...first three classes at 10.30, the rest are at 10 am.  and it lasts around 90 minutes.
The classes are $10 per session...so the course is $80.
We're going to keep the class small, so that there will be a great deal of personal help and instruction from me.

The class would also make a great gift for a loved one.
Healthier than going out for dinner!

 The quilt on the left was quite large (around 60" square)...but it would be perfectly possible for someone to make something this big....or even bigger!
Students can make one quilt or many quilts...small, medium or large!
While most of the quilt above are square within a square designs...a kind of simple Log Cabin....students could  also make something like  one of these four designs....which are much more modern ...clean, simple and elegant.

That's the beauty of quilting, there's a "look" for everyone!!!
I do hope I have a nice full class, much more fun and laughter....if you're anywhere local to me (Athens, Ga) think about it!!!!

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!!!
and if you have any questions or comments...please do comment! Whether you're local or not!



marj k said...

Good luck with the class -- really sounds like fun.

Précille said...

Lovely quilts of yours, how wonderful that you offer your expertise locally. I really wish I live closer to be able to partake in your weekly classes but I will have to be satisfied interacting with you online. Your plan for the class is appealing, specially with a good start like discussing materials. Good idea! Et bonne chance!

Jo said...

Weekly classes are so great. Keeps people on task and you can see progress and have a hope of getting it done! Combined with instructions from you they will get so much for their class fee!
As time permits (or clears up) I am going to take some more classes this year focusing on my creative growth. Time for me!
I learned so much from your on line class last time.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Marj, Precille and Jo!!! Thanks so much for commenting!!
Sure wish you WERE all local and could be in the class...one time I was able to hold a class with several of my "online students" in it...and it was so interesting and lovely to meet the people face to face.
I do agree that weekly classes really make the most sense.
And I hope the class "makes" but we are really "spoilt for choice in our little town here....with a major university and so much talent and also being home to about 200 assorted music bands! there's always a LOT going on.
Meanwhile I'm working on a new online class for next january...I like to add about one a year...sometimes more theoretical, sometimes just for fun!
meanwhile hope all goes well for you all. Thank you for writing! Elizabeth

Tami Von Zalez said...

I so love that quilting technique - free form. It is my absolute favorite way to create. My linkup on this hop highlights a quilt that was done exactly that way.
I chafe against the rigid traditional method of precisely measuring each piece, numbering the stacks, blah blah. Granted some patterns require that. I will have to buckle down and get to business because my next quilt is the Atomic Starburst pattern and I will have to behave.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Tami...thanks for commenting...yes there is easily room for all kinds of quilt making!!!
I loved the traditional methods when I started making quilts...back in the Last Century!
but now...oh yes...let's be free!!! Elizabeth

Judy Martin said...

I admire your enthusiasm for teaching. xo