Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Inspiration! A visit to New York City Part 1

And you know, tea is just as good, if not better!!!

So here I am in the Big Apple.....on my way to the Whitney.
Every other year, the Whitney Art Museum, a marvelous art museum with long open views of the Hudson river, has a major show of up and coming (well maybe!) artists....

View to the south from the roof terrace of the Whitney Museum, NYC
View to the North

Stripes....steal the colors, steal the spacing...

I love modern quilts (well the best of them!)...their clean cut elegant simplicity......and above is a beautiful example...well it just happens to be a large painting...or rather a section of one...
notice how the artist has contrasted varying widths of stripes...and how satisfying that is.
Notice the bold yellow in the "focal" area...
see how the warmth of the yellow is enhanced by the color green adjacent to it.
Notice how the artist has skillfully alternated values...
There is much to see and learn in this painting which at first glass doesn't look very unusual.

Alvin Loving

But, you don't need to use every color in the rainbow to achieve a very bold dynamic look.  Notice how the stripes look positively quiet and calm next to the red painting above.  bold saturated color in a narrow range of values outlined with a cool grey blue....and the use of diagonals are the techniques this artist used to make this idea so strong.  and yes...this would work in a quilt!!!

Looking straight down to the lower terrace from the roof...the museum's artistic arrangement of picnic tables!!!  Great color scheme: yellow and orange made even bolder by being surround with soft pale neutrals....

Of course everyone was intrigued by the oppressed figure farting in defiance!!!
This was part of a roof installation by Nicole Eisenman......more figures from this installation in my next blog!!!

Meanwhile I'm going to be pondering how to incorporate such defiance into my next quilt!!!

and, if you have been, thanks for reading!!!
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