Monday, June 14, 2010

More Images from the Ohio workshop

As promised, here is the second half of images from the workshop I just taught at QSDS in Columbus, OH.  The emphasis was on working from an inspiration – and reaching the fulfillment of a quilt!  The variety shown is stunning, everybody had a different idea, a different way of working and the talent was brimming over!


Here are Margie’s gorgeous growing flowering creatures!  these are totally the product of her imagination – how doth her garden grow!  This is all hand appliqued beautifully and she plans a few more hand stitched tendrils (you can just see one in the lower centre).  Such a lively piece!







This is Lois’ piece based on a photo her son took in Columbus in the winter.  I love the way she has abstracted the lines of the buildings, steps and walls and grouped them very dynamically around the lamp post.  The white area is yet to be filled in of course.  A very nice loose interpretation of an architectural scene.



Kevin had lots of photographs of details of buildings, juxtapositions of worn out fences (this was part of a barbed wire fence), the faded surfaces and deteriorating architecture of New Orleans.  This piece perfectly captures the subtle textures of peeling paint, old stone and mystery that is an iconic part of that city.  The surface is contrasted with the harsh beauty of the barbed wire – a super interpretation of the layered faded glory of N’orleans.   He wisely eschewed a more lyrical pastoral background, choosing this grittier and much more evocative fabric.  It was a lucky find at the bottom of his stash of brightly coloured material!  I was thinking I’d have to send him out to the car park to drive his car over some fabric to get the right effect!



Kay made a gorgeously coloured piece based on her photographs of Western landscapes; there’s great depth here and a “land” feel even though it is also quite abstract.  Super choice of fabric!  The hints of the complementary  yellow just made it perfect.


Linda G made a very exciting piece manipulating her basic drawing in several ways to achieve this fascinating quilt.  It has such character – and a very fresh and original feel.   Again a rich but beautifully balanced colour scheme.  Overall the people in this class came up with interesting, coherent and sensitive colour schemes – I won’t say anything about rules about Not Going Back into the Stash once the colours were decided!!!



Barbara B drew several designs based on a much loved landscape.  Her simplification reminded me so much of Milton Avery’s work and I wasn’t surprised to learn that he is one of her favorite painters.  She made four versions of the landscape, each one showing a different mood, different lighting and balance of the six main elements.  Wonderful economy, great balance and a very thoughtful series of pieces.  I hope there will be more!!




Floris designed and made this lovely little abstract of a city scape…I really like the way she pushed the idea into abstraction which layers meanings within the piece.  Lots to look at and ponder over together with great overall harmony.



Shanna produced sheaves of wonderful drawings based on the lake near her home…she has a whole series designed already!  She decided to make the piece all in silk dyed with natural dyes…all hand stitched.  These choices very sensitively reflect her feelings about this stretch of lakeshore and are very evocative.  It’s what you feel about the image that counts, not just a reproduction.  Shanna’s work shows that so beautifully.


Barbara E also wanted to show what she felt about her image.  She designed a lovely piece – the one on the right based on the trees in winter - but realised that wasn’t what had caught her imagination.  Instead it was the fragility of the branches, so she started work again using only transparent fabric in soft subtle colours (on the left) and this time felt she had really captured the feelings in her heart about the image.   Both pieces will be beautiful, but it’s important to listen to what you are telling yourself about the inspiration.  Barbara did and it will be a very sensitive and lovely piece.



Elizabeth D is inspired by cityscapes; she achieved a wonderful depth in this piece.  The colours and shapes intertwine in a fascinating dance!  Lots to look at, and your eyes want to travel all over the piece exploring the different sections.  Again a great colour scheme and stunning use of value to create depth.




Amira’s very witty interpretation of a village street is a great ending to this quilt show!  She is inspired by Hundertwasser and Gaudi but is also able to bring her own humour and love of colour to this piece – which was totally finished – quilted and bound!


I haven’t shown work by Priscilla, Nancy and Ginny because they requested no photographs, but their work was also strong and beautiful.  It’s great to see pieces gradually appearing like magic on the design walls – what a group of amazingly talented and intelligent people!!  also, even more importantly, all very good at laughing!!  so good to laugh!

and I hope you’ve enjoyed the show…thanks for reading and looking!  Elizabeth


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Wonderful to hear about your week. Welcome home.

margie said...

Thanks for posting all of these. I've sent the link to some other quilting friends. I had a great time and learned a lot!

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