Thursday, January 7, 2021

Taking Classes....

I've always loved screen's such magic when you lift the screen up ...very slowly....and see what's happened!!

REcently I came across some images of prints I'd made in my first surface design class which was on screen those days(35+ years ago) I used textile paint rather than thickened dye, but either works.

You can learn screen printing with dye (thickened) and many other surface design techniques in my class Dyeing to Design. The class covers simple dyeing, arashi (storm!) shibori, and several types of screen printing including deconstructed. It's really a taste of all the different surface design techniques I know. Taking a class can change your life - it has mine - many times! In the Uk I took screen printing...and judo...and pottery...and watercolour. In the USA I've done a lot more surface design and watercolor, and my very first quilting class...when I came to Georgia in 1984. And what an adventure that lead to!!! Meanwhile I also did lots of different kinds of dancing, and aikido and water aerobics and swimming, and pickleball and French and Spanish and and and....

Learning something new opens up your whole life!

So...if you have been, thank you for reading..! Do comment and tell me what classes have changed your life. oh, and while you're perusing the offerings at the academyofquilting, check out all my other classes including the new one: Simple Secret to good design - easy guidelines for strong designs.

What can we do when we can't socialize? we can learn!!!!

Take care everyone...masks hide a multitude of wrinkles!!!! Elizabeth

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elle said...

The Manitoba Quilt guild had a one day workshop with wife (quilter) and her husband who I forget what his career was (engineer?) and they were from British Columbia. The two of them taught a design class that just settled in my core. She on colour and design elements and he did drafting and practical stuff. There were about 3 sessions and lots of practical and insightful applications. show and tell was the fourth session I think and at the end where all we'd been learning about was enforced with wonderful quilts. This was maybe 15 years ago but I can still see them and the setting and remember lots of the teaching.