Saturday, December 5, 2020

New Website

My new website is live! A few months ago I noticed the old website was frozen, couldn't update it. Several phone calls later to the provider revealed that they had completely redone the whole website creation program and I had to totally rebuild! since I made the previous one at least 20 years ago, maybe more! I was in considerable trepidation.....but..."with a little bit of help from my friends" (the Beatles always had the right lines!) I made it. Sure there is lots of polishing to do...but it's up!

Please go and visit...then come back here and tell me what you think!!! Try this link:

I have made about 300 quilts, obviously too boring for me and for you!! to upload them all, so I put up some of the ones I still have for sale, and several of my long time favorites, most of which are long gone! I hope they are someone else's favorites now!

I've also put up many watercolors...since I am spending more time on that these days... I've always made art work based on my daily life, and currently it's all about nature. Like everyone else, I'm not travelling to cities...but out in the park and the garden exploring nature. Watercolor is a medium exquisitely appropriate for nature being so uncontrollable!!! S

o please look...and feel free to make critical comments too...especially if you have the solution!!!!

If you have been, thanks for reading. Elizabeth


Gerrie said...

The link to your website is not correct. I was able to get there but not from that link. It looks great.

Textile Ranger said...

I got to your website by copying and pasting the link in your post above -- but there is no blog tab there. Should there be? I looked around on the Watercolors page and Art Quilts General -- the images are lovely! But I couldn't tell when you had posted them -- I think if I came across your website as a customer, I would want to have an idea whether these works were recent, or if I had found an older website. I know it does say copyright 2020 at the bottom, but I would still wonder if the artist was just re-dating an old page yearly. Just a suggestion from a layperson! :)

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Textile Ranger, you're right I've not yet made the blog portion of the website....but good to know that people actually look.
I just made the website these last 2-3 weeks, so everything is just now posted, now some were posted before on my old website, some were not.
My favorite ones are included, they're no longer mine! You can tell which ones because they are not sized...and therefore not for sale.
So the newer ones, for the most part, are the ones with the size indicated.
I rarely actually date a piece, cos I tend to keep working on things - also I like to work on 2 or 3 series at it would be confusing. Better to group them by content. And now I have a new website that actually is a lot easier to manage, I hope to update it fairly frequently, as soon as I have a few new pieces.
When it comes to the watercolors, all are recent, and I don't post anything I don't have. All work more that 2 years ago is sold, given away or destroyed! much easier with watercolor.
Thank you so much for looking! and commenting. Much appreciated. Elizabeth

Leslie said...

I went to your new website which looks fantastic but doesn't yet have a blog. Will you be adding that? It's my favorite part of the day, seeing if you have a new post with new ideas for me to try. I love your work.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Leslie and thanks for visiting and commenting!!
I need to do a blog on the website too! you're right...
I'll be cogitating upon it!!!!
all the best, Elizabeth