Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Scrap Quilt

I've always loved scrap quilts....
and I've always loved "making" fabric out of little bits....

sometime ago I made this piece:

Diamond Pane
 I always liked it....and when it won an award at our local annual art show...I started thinking....
hmmm ,that would make a very good online class.

The fun part about this quilt is actually making the fabric which looks just fabulous by itself even if you don't cut it into shapes - like diamonds, or triangles or squares.

Highlands, Fall
 Sometimes I've just put together specific colors in the Diamond Pane..."making" the fabric whenever I had enough scraps of fabric in that particular hue.
Other times, I've just chosen  colors - as in May - that reflect a certain season.
In Highlands, Fall, I worked from a photograph actually matching the colors....and then made "dark" and "light" fabric....

The technique for "making fabric" is perfect for a scrap quilt tedious cutting, very little to buy - you just use your scraps!!  No matching or tracing etc...just happy cutting and sewing and ironing and enjoying seeing the results!  Then you can think whether to just use it as one solid I did in Highlands, Fall...or insert verticals as in May, or cut into shapes like in the Great (Pink) scrap quilt below...

The Great Scrap Quilt (pink)

And Sometimes I've also used the "fabric" as just a part of a quilt.......many uses!
Actually I once made a tank top out of it, and sold it at a fashion show before I could get a picture!!!

If you're interested, my new class about this way of making scrap quilts is going to start next week - Feb 28 at

I do like the idea of a class where the supply list is "what you have in your stash!"

And now back to my stash and my machine!
do write and tell me what you think about these quilts!!!It's always good to hear from you.

And, if you have been, thanks for reading.....Elizabeth


elle said...

Wow! You have raised the bar on scrap quilts. Scrumptious!!!!

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Elle! and thank you for your is a lovely technique....quite compulsive after a while...Elizabeth

Kristin said...

I'm intrigued! I love the diamond pane quilt.