Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mod meets Improv! a class.....

D'you like Modern quilts?  The best are very attractive.
And of course, like any other "style" of quilting, there's good , very good, okay, ho hum and downright poor!!!

However, I think the Modern Quilt movement is very encouraging...the work is often very refreshing and reminds me of the blankets, and similar strong fiber works, that we see from Peru..made hundreds of years ago.  There's an elegant simplicity to them, an economy of style that really celebrates fibre.   

However, one thing is happening in the modern quilt world that isn't so good.   And that is that lots of "easy" "modern" quilt patterns are being published....the quilting companies are commercializing things yet again.....I remember one time I was teaching at a place where there were other teachers...and, at lunch, I asked a student in another class about her class: "how is it going?"...and she said fine, she liked the teacher...but she had had to buy a whole lot of extra equipment to make the particular patterns and it  was all getting a bit tedious and expensive.

That's sad!  I see all quilting, but especially a new young type of quilting, as a way to help people realise their own creativity...while it's often good to start with a simple pattern to get your feet wet... after that you really don't need to be printing out complex templates - or worse yet buying expensive ones - when you could be designing your own quilts and using your brains to work out how to put them together!

so....I thought...well I want to write a class that addresses that!
The class is aimed at anyone who is interesting in modern quilting...what is it? how is it defined?  how can I learn to make one?
AND, most importantly, how can I learn to design my own modern quilt? 

Furthermore, how can I use improv techniques to make this quilt?

 Well... do check out my covers all those topics. and more!! starts this Friday...but doesn't matter if you're a bit late starting....
it's at the Academy of Quilting - online of course...very convenient!   
It's called Mod Meets Improv....because not only does it cover modern quilting and its design, but also it introduces you to Improv methods - no templates!! Freedom!

Happy to answer any questions about it....(email link on side bar)....and would love to have your comments:  do you like Modern Quilts?  What do you think about the movement?
What d'you feel about commercial patterns being pushed so hard?

as ever, if you have been - thanks for reading!!!  Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

I once signed up for a class at a quilt conference, the instructor was a VERY well-known designer who had her own rulers and other items. Not only did we waste 45 minutes while the Bernina rep (who had to service two classrooms located fairly far apart in the convention center) got the bobbins and presser feet for us to use, but the instructor charged us $5 to RENT the ruler she was pushing (the fee could be applied to the purchase of said ruler in the merchant mall later in the day). I had also signed up for a one hour “tips and tricks” with the same instructor, where she handed out her catalog of tools and patterns, showed a variety of quilts made with the items for sale, and then flogged her stuff AGAIN.
I left that day feeling like I had gained nothing, aside from seeing a wonderful quilt show, and fired off a long email to Bonnie Browning, the co-ordinator of the show, to express my feelings. She replied very early the next morning, and apparently I was not the only one who had a similar experience. Organizers can’t be responsible for everything that is “taught” at their shows and conferences, nor can store owners always know if things are being flogged by instructors. It is a fact of life that the dollar rules much of why people are in this business, as it is, after all, a business. I appreciate everything that bloggers, designers and sewists do to provide patterns, hints, and knowledge to all of us who love this quilting journey. Thank you for listening. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

Elsie Montgomery said...

I hope you will be running this again, as I cannot do this in August. The class description is so interesting and just what I'd like, but later...???

Lee said...

I rarely take project classes because I enjoy developing my own work, but I try not to judge others harshly who need to follow a pattern. I know how satisfying it is to get into a lovely construction flow! Units keep growing and the larger picture begins to emerge - such fun! Unfortunately, figuring out the math to create even a simple layout seems to be beyond what a lot of people want to tackle. On the other hand, pattern followers create a heck lot more output than me! Good thing I'm not measuring myself by counting pieces! I love increasing my knowledge - as long as I'm learning and improving what I produce, I'm happy. Bonus is creating something beautiful and/or meaningful.

You keep coming up with another class that I must take, E! I think there are at least two now on my list!

Lesley said...

Hi Elizabeth, thoroughly enjoyed the last course I did with you, and really enjoying my current one,the Six Hour Quilt. It has taken me well out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. It’s the first class that has really taught me how to take my initial idea/inspiration and turn it into a quilt. I hope you will be running Mid meets Improv again, as I can’t make this one.

elle said...

Yes please. Offer this again. I would like to take a class with you and this sou ds perfect but the timing is not possible. So enjoy your posts!