Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Journey into Abstraction!

A lot of people feel that they don't understand abstract art...and as a result don't like it.
Even one of my close friends came up with the line "my 5 year old could have made that" - nearly as bad as "not your grandmothers' quilts" right???
Not your grandmother's phone, or her clothes or her tv or her car or probably her diet for that matter!!!

Good abstract art could not be made by a five year (unless perhaps Picasso as a child, as Mozart composed when he was a tot) - they simply don't have the sense of organization, the ability to judge between what adds and what detracts, the sense of color, how to convey mood etc etc.

I do think though, that if you want to make abstract art it's very helpful to have some idea of the processes, particularly the design processes that the successful abstract artists have used.
and this is what my class: More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers, starting Friday with
attempts to do.

 The class examines some of the more influential abstract painters since abstract art began - yes! with a woman painter!!  Hilda af Klint.    Not poor old Kandinsky as he claimed.  Women were there FIRST.....    From each "school" of abstract art, I derived design exercises that  you can use to create many many designs of your own.

Some you will like, others you won't...but you will have a lot more knowledge of abstract art as a whole...and a number of very straight forward starting points to set you on your own journey to abstraction.

This class is parallel to my Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class. They deal with the subject in different ways. More Abstract Art looks at the history and the popular abstract painters we know. Abstract Art for Quiltmakers focuses particularly on the contributions made by female abstract artists.
all the exercises are different, if you liked Abstract Art for QM, you'll like More Abstract Art for QM - but you'll have many different things to try.

Happy to answer any questions!
If you have been, thanks for reading!  Elizabeth

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