Thursday, July 2, 2015

Workshop on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


If you have been thinking about taking a workshop with me and also would like to visit a really beautiful place AND get out of  the heat, the opportunity is on Salt Spring Island * (just off Vancouver Island in British Columbia) in just two weeks.

The class was full, but a couple of folk have, unfortunately, had to drop out for health reasons, so there are some places left.  July 17-21.  Five full days of workshop in a gorgeous location in a fibre shop full of mouth watering goodies!!  Stitches Fibre Art Supplies   have asked me to come and teach my signature Inspiration to Design class.  I've been teaching this art quilt design class for some time and have improved it and added to it  every time I teach it so that it's both enjoyable and very very informative.

The class is about working from an inspiration - usually a photograph, but could be a piece of music, or an experience that you had - and developing several different designs.  We explore different ways of coming up with designs based on the inspiration.  I use both exercises and detailed Power Points to show how this can be done.  Once several designs are generated then I show you how to evaluate them, how to spot difficult areas, and how to fix them.

I also teach how to choose an effective color scheme, and how color can work for you to make a beautiful, eye catching quilt.

Then I teach how to make the art quilt from the A4 sized sketch (regular copy paper size).  As you work on blocking out your quilts out on the design wall, I spend a lot of individual time with you with personal critiques at the level that you desire.  Read Clara's blog to get a sense of how I like to work:

Many people tell me that getting a useful critique is something they have wanted for ages and found it very difficult to get.

You do not need to be able to draw!!  Nor do you need to be a master quilter....since I approach the design, the evaluation and the making in a very individual way...whatever level you work at, I will help you move forward with your art.  I really like having all levels of expertise in the classroom.
The masters can show their skill, but also learn from the different ways of approaching the tasks that the new people often have - those with no pre-conceptions.  It's a great mix.

You do need to be able to cut out fabric!!  However, you could manage very well without a sewing machine if it's a pain to haul it,   just pinning everything together ready to sew at home - or bring your machine if you wish.

I'm happy to answer any questions....and the link to Stitches Fibre Art Supplies  will bring you to their website and contact information.   Since this is a beautiful store with lots of fabric and supplies, you probably don't need even to bring very much with you!!

Of course I do hope that a nice cup of tea will be available from time to time!
If you have been, thanks for reading......Elizabeth

*Stitches Fibre Art Supplies   1-877-537-8985
127 Rainbow Rd. Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2V5


Janis Doucette said...

If you're thinking about taking this class I can tell you that Elizabeth is an excellent teacher and you'll be forever grateful for the knowledge, critiques and support she gives you.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Janis!! I appreciate it....elizabeth

Margaret said...

Lovely's close to me...but not close enough. A couple days' drive...or $$$ to fly/take the ferry... Sigh. I visited there decades ago, though, and know you will love it.

As for heat? may not beat it. The mainland of B.C. is very hot right now and there are major forest fires going on in the north of all our Western be prepared for heat and maybe some smoke drifting over...

Have a great trip!