Sunday, March 1, 2015

Elements of Design: creating them on fabric....then using them.

My Dyeing to Design online class starts this Friday: March 6th (it's with academy of quilting).
This class is a really broad review of different ways of creating value, color, texture, shape and line.....on fabric...and then how to design a small quilt using those fabrics.

When you're designing a two dimensional art work you only have (believe it or not!) five things, known as elements, to arrange ......and they are value, color, texture, shape and line.
 However juggling five things at once isn't easy.

So I thought it would be fun to write an online class where we look at the elements one by one.
First creating them on fabric - using a variety of different surface design techniques (low water immersion, arashi shibori, screen printing with dye) - and then designing with them.

In the Value lesson, we mix dye concentrate (once mixed you've enough for the whole class...and for several months more experimenting if you wish!) and then make a set of fabrics of 8 or 9 different values - tones - from very light to very dark.  You know how you can never find more than 2 or 3 different values of a single color in commercial fabric?  And if you buy graduated hand dyes, they're in those dinky little packets tied with a ribbon - and Not Cheap!!
It's much better to learn how to do it for yourself!
Then I discuss how to use value in designing a quilt - and you make one too..

In the Color lesson, you can dye many different colors...but then think about choosing a good color scheme for a quilt...and  then make it!

In the Texture lesson, you learn how to make those marvelous arashi shibori patterns on cloth - in an easy way!!  This lesson alone is worth the price of the entire course!!  I used to make this fabric and sell (well not dinky beribboned packets that's not my style!) chunks of it...but now I think it's much more fun to teach people how to do it.

In the Line and Shape lessons, you learn how to create these elements on cloth by screen printing with thickened dye. And then make quilts...

The whole course is designed to make you think about and become familiar with the use of the different elements of design.  It also shows you exactly how to create those elements and then how to use that fabric in a quilt.  So it covers a lot of ground.  It's fun....and educational!!  I love learning and I hope you do too.

Of course I like having fun as well....and best of all, feet up thinking about what I've learned..along with a nice cup of tea.

If you have been, thanks for reading!  Elizabeth

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Nienke said...

I'm reading your blogposts for quite a while and enjoyed your books so I decided to take your class, looking forward to it!

Lora Martin said...

Oh, my gosh! This class is right up my alley, but my life will not allow me to add one more thing this month or next. I will check in now and then for the next time you offer it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you both!! I'll see you in class soon Nienke, and later on Lora....the class will be offered again the Fall. Appreciate it!

Rebecca said...

I have seen postings from your students, and this looks like a wonderful opportunity to learn from you, but too short notice. I will watch for the fall class, also.

Laceflower said...

I took this course the first time it was offered and it plunged me into the wonderful world of dyeing and design, from which I took flight and kept going. Having so much fun and will be in your design class in April, to hopefully grow even more. thanks Elizabeth

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I would love to do This class. But can't right now. I have two weddings out of town, and two babies for whom showers must be thrown. Until I can get out from under it,all in April, I just can't even breathe!

Although it would be soooo relaxing to just be dipping those fabicks, you know.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I went Ro Pinterest to look at your stuff and learned that you died in 1534. I thought, hmmmm, she is doing quite well for a spectre! LOL

Elizabeth Barton said...

Yes there are two Elizabeth Bartons (actually there are hundreds - there were 4 at the university where I worked!)....such a common name...but it's better to be a B than an S as i was before!!
thank you for all the comments everyone, the class will be repeated later in the year...I'll announce it. I have 5 classes with and each one repeats twice a year. At Present!