Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Live Master Class: the synergy of actuality!

Seeking inspiration - I'm the one on the left!!
My online master class has proved amazingly popular - and I would really like to thank all those folk who were/are/will be in it! (I do have a waiting list by the way for 2016 - and there's an email link on the side bar).
 The master class is year long class and is  based on a private paid subscription email/blog. 
Assignments are sent out monthly - they're very open ended and address different design issues
 and some are just fun!   I’ll describe an “exploration” or directed exercise – 
nothing as limited as a specific project,
 but rather a set of instructions for a design (or designs), each month exploring a different 
concept, issue, topic or idea. 
You can make a quilt any size.  I won’t restrict your imagination!
 Quilts can be representational or abstract or somewhere in between. 
Which is usually where I am - somewhere in between!

Much of  my focus and input is on helping the students learn how to critique and evaluate 
their designs, and the quilts at every stage of construction.  
I believe in clarifying the strengths and the weaknesses, 
and suggesting solutions for the latter.  It's really important to be both constructive and specific.
Telling somebody "that doesn't work" without explaining WHY it doesn't work, and HOW one might
 fix it is simply an exercise in frustration.  And I did experience several classes like that myself
 until I saw the light!  
 And  decided instead to educate myself in the arts, as far as I can.

Since the online Master Class has been so popular, and since I know that a lot of people really love to 
take an actual class - to get away from home and immerse themselves totally in the Art of Art quilts
for a few days, it was decided to hold a Live Master Class this June at Falmouth, on Cape Cod.
There are just a few places left in this Live Master if you're interested, please contact
Linda Gallagher at           
 Linda is a travel agent and she can give advice and assistance re travel, accommodation etc.

It will be a whole week (8-12 June) of Master Class. 
 Several different assignments will be presented and the design issues involved discussed. 
 Each morning will begin with a description of  the assignment, 
and/or a Power Point lecture relating to it, and (where appropriate) a demo. 
After a delicious lunch (right there!), I will given lots of one on one advice all afternoon.

Both actuality and virtuality are,therefore, available!!  See you in class!
And, if you have been, thanks for reading.......Elizabeth


Beth said...

I just signed up. See you in June.

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

See you both there!

Elizabeth Barton said...

I look forward to seeing you both!!
It's a weird old building, but loads of space! Just wish they had a nice grand piano!!!
We'll have fun. Parking is right outside the door, and lunch (huge!) is right downstairs.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth

I am a great fan of your work, have purchased your books and would love to find out more and maybe put my name down for the 2016 online master class.

Each time I click the link I can go no further. Could you please put your email address here in the comments section so I can contact you.

Cheers ........Ann

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Ann - you can reach me at