Thursday, December 26, 2013

New online class with Academy of Quilting starts Jan 2.....

As many of you know, Quilt University came to an end last year with the sudden and very sad death of Carol Miller, who had had the brilliant idea of affordable online classes many years ago. Over the years she built up a terrific roster of classes (to say nothing of the teachers!) and a very loyal and talented following of students.

One of the teachers, Ruth Arbee, decided to take over Quilt University and she has added many of the QU teachers and classes to her ongoing Academy of Quilting.  I opted to transfer my three QU classes to Ruth's website as I feel her goals are very similar to those of Carol Miller.

 The three classes are: Dyeing to Design, Inspired to Design and Working in Series.  Ruth will run one of these pretty much every month of the year - the first one up is Dyeing to Design.   This is an interesting class, I think, because it covers a lot of ground.  Working from the basic elements of value, color, texture, shape and line I show how each one of these in turn can be created on fabric.  Then I discuss the pros and cons of designing with that particular element as the focus.  Each week, therefore, you learn how to create a particular type of surface design, and then how to use that element to make a small quilt.

If you've never dyed fabric before, never done arashi (tie-dye) or screen printed with dye, this is a marvelous introductory survey of these techniques.  I make sure that everything is Very Safe, Very Simple and as low-tech as possible.  So, if you're interested, please check out the Academy of Quilting website before Jan 2!  And I'm happy to answer any questions - there's an email link at the top right of the page...just under my picture.

I still have a few copies of my new book: Working in a Series available if you're interested in a personally dedicated signed copy!!  I can do a check ($35) or Paypal ($36) (ask me to send you a request for $), and will ship immediately USPS priority mail - which is Very Quick!!  alas the shipping costs outside of the USA are prohibitive.

Let's hope for an amazingly creative New Year for us all!!!  And Plenty of Time in which to be creative!  Oh how I wish they had time for sale!!!
So, if you have been, thanks for reading!!!  Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

The book is BEAUTIFUL and full of wondrous fine art quilts!! What an amazing body of work and a great way to share your work with those of us who are unable to travel to your workshops.

I took all three of your classes last fall in the rush to get through the closing of QU. Now, I plan to retake some at a more leisurely pace on Academy of Quilting. It is great that you decided to continue to support your fans on this new platform.

Thank you sooo very much for your help to my daughter who needed a last minute present for her mom -- lucky me!! She told my how wonderfully helpful you were in getting the autographed book in the mail to her so I could have it on Christmas morning. I love it. Happy New Year and I'll be taking another class soon.
Mary Helen in OR

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Thank you for the info. I have taken QU classes for years an miss it terribly!

glen: I am thinking about your series class......